The Palace Christenings & Baptism Venue South NJ

One of the most important first ceremonies you can hold for your child is their baptism or christening. The ceremony usually has an air of seriousness and reverence, with the aim of welcoming the baby into your family’s faith. After the ceremony, comes the party which is usually more upbeat and fun, a celebration of life, family values, tradition and is an opportunity for your family and friends to show their love for the new born. The Palace Catering has a lot of experience planning baptisms and christenings and we have gained a lot of skills, knowledge and expertise which we are delighted to offer to you as you plan for this special day. We are great at this, we pay attention to all the details and we understand why this is such an important event for you and your baby. Therefore, we are committed to providing top-notch level of services ranging from venues to the menu and the overall planning of the event.

We have an amazing catering service that has gotten lots of positive reviews and we will bring all of the positive energy to your own event. We will work with you to design a menu for your program based on your requirements and budget. Our menu is extensive and we take pride in providing delicious catering experiences every single time; this includes signature dishes, pastries, soups, confectioneries and drinks. We have existing menus for these ceremonies but you can modify them to suit your preferences during your consultation with our chef and the event planning team.

For Memorable Christenings & Baptism Celebration

We believe each ceremony is personal, therefore we like to approach each one with a full understanding of your peculiar needs so as to give you a personalized experience. Our venues boast of beautiful views, warm and welcoming ambience and exquisite decor and furnishings. We have different rooms and halls for you to choose from and we would be glad to help you schedule a tour of the premises.

Our team consists of exceptional people who love what they do and they bring all of their passion when working with you to make your desires a reality. We have different packages for you to choose from and we will also be glad to design a customized package for you based on your unique needs.