Gala Venue South Jersey

Galas are fun events and quite a number of them come up towards the end of the year. Many businesses are already thinking about planning that end of the year functions either as a company culture or as part of employees’ wellness package. Words like memorable, fun and entertainment come to our mind when we hear about Gala events.

There are so many aspects of gala event planning to put together to ensure a beautiful night, which sometimes is hard to know where exactly to begin. Here at The palace, we help you with all the planning processes for a seamless event production. We pride ourselves on our expertise, courtesy, quality of food and service. The sophisticated and elegant ballrooms make a beautiful backdrop for a magnificent Gala

Host An Amazing Gala Event At The Palace Venue

Here are some insights into how we go about bringing your next event to life:

We collaborate with you to plan your event or execute your plan if you have one already:
First thing, you need a well-thought-out plan to run a successful event where all partakers are satisfied. Think about the goal of the event and what you seek to achieve and particularly how you want your guests to feel from the very beginning of the event to the end. We can handle logistics, concept, design and work your plan through to execution.

We work with Your Budget

You want to avoid last minute unexpected costs and still have every single thing you had in mind included. Our professional event planners will come up with an idea that accommodates your budget. We are flexible and as such we are able to provide bespoke services without having to cut deep into your budget.

Party Space

Before we plunge into catering, décor, and entertainment, we want to be sure if your event will have a specific theme which will go a long way to influence our choice of décor and generally planning. We need to know how heavily themed your event will be. If you have a rough idea in mind, we can help transform into a great theme.


We can always change things up. You can’t have a heavily themed Gatsbyesque soiree in a hipster bar. We provide a venue that meets your needs in cost, facility, access, and capacity. We try as much as possible to carry you along at every step of the way to ensure you are completely satisfied with our service.


Regardless of your audience or invited guests, some form of entertainment is always needed. The palace will be sure to choose the right entertainment that aligns with your audience. From cover bands to Dj’s, comedians to professional speakers; we can help you make your gala event a memorable one. We will work with you closely to ensure we have a feel of the level of formalities that you want to bring into the show.
Having an experienced event planning company handle your corporate or social event means that you can enjoy the night you have anticipated and blow your guests out of the park without a second thought.