Sweet 16

Looking For A Sweet Sixteen Venue In South Jersey

One of the most important birthdays in a teenager’s life is the sixteenth birthday. It is a special event that marks the transition of your child from childhood into adulthood. A large number of teens in the United States look forward to the day they will celebrate theirs and they usually want to make it a memorable event to be cherished for a long time. The onus then lies on you as a parent or guardian to help them achieve the sweet 16 party of their dreams.

The Palace brings creativity, passion and a wealth of experience into pulling off a momentous celebration for your teenager. Our staff comprises of talented and experienced professionals who are trained to be able to help you plan a party that would show your child you love her and also reflects all elements of the beautiful person she is.

Our team members will help reduce the stress of planning the party and executing all the plans. They would hold a consultation with you to discuss your preferences and ensure they draw up a fantastic plan within your budget. Additionally, they will have a session with your child in order to ensure that they put in all that you both want for the party. From the initial planning phase to the execution, our friendly and accommodating team will be with you every step of the way.

Make Your Daughter Sweet Sixteen A Memorable Experience At The Palace

Some of the things that our team would discuss with you include:
The theme of the party. This will add a sophisticated edge to your child’s party and will also take into consideration what your daughter wants. Be it a princess themed party of something more chic, we will be glad to work with you to achieve it.

The food. The Palace catering offers an extensive menu selection for you to choose from. The menu will be designed in accordance with your wishes and you can rest assured that the food will complement the theme of your party.

The venue. We have an array of rooms for you to choose from. All rooms are stylish and exquisitely designed and will suit any theme you choose.

These are just some of the things that our team will go over with you. You can always request for other things to be included and we would be glad to accommodate your request.

We would love to be a part of the sweet memories that will be forged at your daughter’s sweet sixteen birthday. We are committed to a high quality service delivery and ensuring that your child’s party is an outstanding success. Contact us right away and our every attentive staff will be ready to attend to your enquiries.